Oklahoma Licensed Social Worker with Administration Specialty (LSW-ADM) Guide - 2024

AKA: Oklahoma LSW-ADM License

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: August 11th, 2023

Oklahoma Licensed Social Worker with Administration Specialty (LSW-ADM) Licensure Process

LSW-ADMs in Oklahoma can provide non-clinical and administrative services. The services include:

  • Supervising program managers and directors
  • Creating plans for professional growth and staff development
  • Developing programs that comply with current regulations
  • Managing budgets
  • Advocating for and promoting the image of social work and mental health agencies

Education Requirements

An MSW degree from a CSWE-approved program is required for LSW-ADM licensure.

Experience Requirements

Your supervised administrative and social work experience must be completed in two years. At least 4,000 hours of postgraduate work must be completed on a full-time basis. One hundred hours have to be spent under supervision. As with other supervised experiences in Oklahoma, a supervision plan must be submitted to the Board for approval before you begin accumulating hours. The Board-approved supervisor will periodically send in evaluations to document your progress, and a supervision log is kept to record your experience.

Background Check

You will have a criminal background check completed before moving on with the licensure process. Visit the Idemia website for registration and select whether you’ll have your fingerprints taken manually or digitally.

Once you visit the fingerprinting facility, you will have to pay the fees associated with the background check. While a criminal record may not keep you from obtaining a license, it will require you to go before the Board and explain the infraction. They will then decide if you are eligible to continue applying for a license.

Applying for Licensure as a Licensed Social Worker with Administration-Specialty

As with all Oklahoma social work licenses, you’ll need to submit an application to the Board for approval. The $150 application should be included along with your fingerprints. If the Board does not have your MSW transcript, contact your school and request it be sent.

The Board issues a provisional license once your application is processed. You can practice for one year while under supervision as an LSW-ADM. Take this time to study for the exam. After receiving a passing score, the Board will issue your permanent license, and you can start supervising others after completing the supervised training.

Examination Requirements

You must pass the ASWB Advanced Generalist exam to obtain this licensure. The registration fee for the 170 multiple-choice test is $260.