Social Work Degree Program Concentration Guides Guide - 2024

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by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: September 29th, 2023

Social Work Degree Program Concentration Guides

In a social work degree program, concentrations are specialized areas of study that allow students to focus on specific populations, practice settings, or social issues within the broad field of social work. Concentrations are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding, specialized knowledge, and targeted skills to address the unique needs and challenges associated with particular fields of social work practice. For example, students might choose a concentration in Children, Youth, and Families to focus on the dynamics, needs, and intervention strategies relevant to working with younger populations and their caregivers. Other common concentrations may include Mental Health, School Social Work, Healthcare, or Substance Abuse, each offering tailored curriculum and training experiences to prepare students for effective practice in their chosen area.

Explore individual social work degree program concentrations below. Learn what common core education is offered in each program concentration, additional important and commonly taught topics if not core requirements, specific admission requirements, and which schools are offering CSWE accredited programs with each concentration.

Social Work Program Concentration Guides