Oklahoma Social Worker License Guide - 2024

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: February 16th, 2024

Social Worker Licensing Guide for the state of Oklahoma

Social work is a rewarding career path if you are interested in assisting others to improve their circumstances. As a social worker in Oklahoma, you’ll be an influential force in people’s lives who advocates on their behalf when they cannot do it for themselves. If you have a desire to empower those who need help the most, then this is the right field for you.

Oklahoma Social Work License Options

A social worker doesn’t just come to the rescue when an individual is knee-deep in problems; they also take measures to prevent issues from appearing. For instance, when someone is released from the hospital, the social worker will ensure they have all the equipment and resources available to prevent any complications at home. The family will receive counseling on how to help their loved one, which keeps readmission rates low. 

You’ll also never have to worry about your job getting boring. Most of your work will be done out in the field and interacting with different people from various backgrounds daily. The facility you choose to work in will offer its own challenges from day to day as you help individuals and groups overcome difficult situations. No matter where you work, you will find the experience fulfilling.

If you are passionate about helping communities thrive and connecting them with resources that will change them for the better, then Oklahoma is a great place to start. The following guide will help you choose a path suited to your talents. 

Process of Licensure 

The path to becoming a licensed social worker in Oklahoma begins with earning a degree from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) approved program. A Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW) will allow you to obtain the entry-level licensure of a Licensed Social Work Associate (LSWA). A Master of Social Work (MSW) opens the door for more advanced opportunities in the field. 

You can enter an MSW program with a bachelor’s degree in any subject, but you won’t be eligible for “advanced standing.” Most MSW programs take two years to complete, but the “advanced standing” status will allow you to finish the program in one year. Unlike BSW degrees, MSW programs focus heavily on fieldwork and are needed to pursue licensure beyond LSWA. 

Provisional licenses are offered to applicants on all licensure levels in Oklahoma. You can practice while supervised for one year under a provisional license. Once you pass the appropriate exam, you will be issued a permanent license.