Social Worker Licensure and Career Options

Social Worker Licensure and Career Options

Social Worker Licensure & Career

Social Worker Licensing

The social worker job is a front line position for organizations whose clientele are some of the most vulnerable children and adults in our society. Licensure represents a barrier between the vulnerable and the incompetent and criminally minded.

While licensure is not a full-proof plan, it is the best we have. As educational programs advance, the social worker license has been, and will continue to be, a more formidable barrier to entry into the social work field for those who are not qualified.

The licensure process to become a social worker is straight forward. Select your state to learn how you can become a social worker.

Social Worker Career Guides

Whether it’s innate or developed through personal experience and environment, we all gravitate toward types of people we like to be around, foods we like to eat, or places we like to go. The same can often be said for the people and problems we are drawn to help and solve, respectively.

If not known straight-away, explore some of the common fields of social work to see if any of these callings resonate with you.