Kansas Social Worker License Guide - 2024

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: February 16th, 2024

Social Worker Licensing Guide for the state of Kansas

Kansas is dedicated to providing its citizens with social workers who address the needs of individuals and communities alike. If you have a strong desire to help others improve their lives and help them cope with everyday issues that may overwhelm them, then you should think about becoming a social worker.

Kansas Social Work License Options

They assist individuals, families, and groups enhance or restoring their ability to function successfully in society. Social workers support communities with their knowledge of resources and services that create better societal conditions.

Those engaged in social work have an understanding of human behavior and development and social, economic, and cultural differences. They know how these factors interact and contribute to the well-being of an individual or community. That’s what makes them so effective at helping people overcome the hurdles and stumbling blocks in their way.

Social workers often help individuals and their families when they are at low points in their lives. They may be in the throes of addiction, experiencing a physical or mental illness, being abused, or facing another challenging circumstance. When this happens, people are often reluctant to ask for help due to embarrassment, but a social worker’s non-judgmental nature is needed to help see them through the situation.

As a social worker, you’ll meet with clients to assess their state of mind and environment. If they need access to other resources, you’ll schedule appointments, sign them up for classes, and be the listening ear as they figure out what’s next. You can be the insightful voice that helps them improve their quality of life.

If any of this sounds like you and you want a career that makes a positive impact in the lives of others, become a licensed social worker in the great state of Kansas.

Types of Social Worker Licenses for Kansas

The Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board offers three different licensures. Particular requirements must be fulfilled before you are issued a license. Kansas does give you the option of obtaining a temporary license for each level if you have not yet taken the exam but meet all the other requirements for licensure. With a temporary license, you can work while supervised for six months. After passing the licensing exam, you will receive your permanent social worker’s license. If you do not pass the exam before your temporary license expires, it cannot be renewed, and you will have to wait until you receive a passing score to resume practicing.

Licensed Bachelor Social Worker (LBSW): An LBSW license allows you to practice social work at a general level and gain experience as you develop useful skills.

Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW): LMSWs are permitted to practice on an advanced specialized level. Clinical social work can be done under the supervision of a licensed specialist clinical social worker.

Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW): You can practice as a private and independent social worker with this license. It allows you to diagnose and treat mental disorders and engage in other clinical social work.