Alaska Social Worker License Guide - 2024

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: February 16th, 2024

Social Worker Licensing Guide for the state of Alaska

Few careers are as important as that of a social worker. They are tasked with helping people overcome challenges and obstacles in their lives, so they have a number of responsibilities. That includes identifying people who need assistance, assessing their support networks and goals, and referring them to community resources. Social workers can also provide support during mental health emergencies, intervene on behalf of abused children, and stay on top of their cases to see if situations improve. Additionally, some social workers provide psychotherapy services.

Because of the nature of the job, you must meet various requirements to get a social worker license in Alaska. The state recognizes three types of social workers, and the licensing requirements differ based on the avenue you pursue.

Alaska Social Work License Options

If you want to start your career as soon as possible, you can become a licensed baccalaureate social worker. Then, you can work as a case manager or client advocate in a non-clinical setting. This is often referred to as an entry-level social worker because it requires the least amount of education and experience.

A master social worker license is next on the list. While you’ll also operate in a non-clinical setting, you can take on additional roles and responsibilities, such as policy analysis. With your work, the people in your community can have access to more resources.

Finally, you can become a clinical social worker after obtaining your master’s degree. If you go this route, you’ll be in charge of assessing and treating patients in a clinical setting.

The Board of Social Work Examiners oversees social work licensing in the state. It’s under the Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing, which is governed by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. You can reach the licensing board by calling (907) 465-2547 or by emailing Then, the staff can assist you with any questions or concerns.

You can also use this guide to help you on your path to becoming a licensed social worker in Alaska. Let’s go through the requirements for each type of license.

Process of Licensure

The process for obtaining a social work license is dependent on the career path you wish to pursue. Let’s go over the process for each, starting with becoming a licensed baccalaureate social worker.