Louisiana Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Guide - 2024

AKA: Louisiana LCSW License

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: April 24th, 2023

Louisiana Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Licensure Process

This is the highest license one can attain as a social worker in Louisiana. Independent practice in a clinical social work setting is possible with this license. To get a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) license, you’ll need to have an active Licensed Master Social Worker license. In addition to this, below are some other requirements to get the LCSW license.

Education Requirements

Just like the LMSW, you need a Master’s degree from a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE)-accredited institution. Here you can find all schools offering social work degree programs in Louisiana.

Experience Requirements

You must have accumulated at least 5,760 verified hours of work experience, of which at least 3,840 must be under the supervision of an LCSW board-approved clinical supervisor.

It is a requirement to also receive at least 96 hours of in-person supervision. Before you commence your supervised experience, ensure you submit a  Registration of Supervision form to the Board. You are also expected to tender your Plan of Supervision and Supervision Agreement forms to the board within 2 months of beginning your supervised experience.

Registration of Supervision

You must register your supervision through LABSWE at a fee of $35. You will be needing the following for the registration:

  1. Employment verification
  2. Detailed plan of supervision for the first 2 months after the commencement of your supervision.

Exam Requirements

All applicants for licensure must successfully pass the ASWB clinical level social work examination.

Before registering for the exam, you must submit an application to the board. The board will grant you permission to register for the ASWB Clinical exam once they review your application and conclude that you have met all the other licensure requirements.

You can register for the exam online by visiting the ASWB website. There, you’ll have to click on “Register for the Exam“. Pay the application fee of $260, complete the form and submit it.

An Authorization to Test (ATT) will be sent to you. Contained in the ATT are further instructions to guide you in scheduling your exam with Pearson VUE.

Other methods for ASWB application include the following:

Mail:  Print and complete the Registration Form provided in the Candidate Handbook and post it along with the examination fee to the following address:

ASWB Registration Center

P.O. Box 1508

Culpeper, VA 22701

Fax: Fill out the Registration Form provided in the Candidate Handbook and have it faxed to ASWB at 1-540-829-0142. You must include the $260 payment for the examination using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover).

Reference Requirement

None is required, however, your supervisor will need to complete the Professional Experience Verification Record which should be attached to your application form.

Applying for Licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Fill out and submit the LCSW application form on the board’s website. Fill out every part using N/A for a question that is not applicable. Submit every requirement, including your social security number.
  • Pay the $103 application fee.
  • If the Board does not already have a copy of your MSW transcript, request your official transcript from the registrar of your school. Your school’s registrar should send it directly to the board.
  • The original copy of the Professional Experience Verification Record must be filled out by your supervisor and mailed to the board.
  • Proceed to the website to apply for the examination.
  • Pay the ASWB examination fee of $260.
  • Complete your application for examination on the Pearson VUE website.
  • Visit the ASWB website to complete the score transfer form, which will send your examination result to the board.
  • You should receive your license afterward.

Applying to Become a Board-Approved Supervisor (optional)

This is applicable to you if you are interested in supervising CSWs or LMSWs. You will need to apply for the Board-Approved Clinical Supervisor (BACS) designation. Note that prior to submitting an application for this license, you must have worked as an LCSW for at least three years and completed multiple Board-approved supervision training courses.

For your application, you will be required to provide two letters of reference. Once you receive the BACS designation, you are then authorized to provide supervision.