New Hampshire Social Worker License Renewal Guide - 2024

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: June 1st, 2022

New Hampshire LICSW License Renewal

Your license is not forever. It expires, and you must renew it. The purpose of expiration is to ensure that you continue to learn and apply the right skills for the job. In New Hampshire, you are required to renew the license every two years.

During the two years you are practicing as a social worker, you need to accumulate 40 hours of continuing education. That is the component that ensures social workers in the state continue to improve. If there are new concepts or learnings in the field, those are integrated into the current crop of social workers through CE.

The CE needs to include 30 hours of Category A activities. That means taking workshops and seminars from organizations approved by the licensure board. Other activities include peer-reviewed publications and graduate coursework.

At least six hours of Category A activities you take should be related to ethics. That is a crucial part of any social worker’s education and continuing training. It helps keep them grounded.

The remaining hours are dedicated to Category B activities. Examples of that include CE activities from organizations not approved by the licensing board.

Becoming a social worker in New Hampshire is relatively straightforward. You need to get the right education, pass the exam, accumulate the right experience, and provide proof of all those requirements to the licensing board. After that, you can create a satisfying career as a social worker in the state.