Indiana Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Guide - 2024

AKA: Indiana LCSW License

Social Worker License

by Social Worker License Staff

Updated: April 24th, 2023

Indiana LCSW Licensure Process

An LCSW allows you to perform all of the tasks of an LSW and provision psychosocial evaluations, counseling and psychotherapeutic techniques, and casework social work advocacy. You also have the ability to use appraisal instruments in treatment planning.

Education Requirements

You must have your MSW or DSW from a CSWE-accredited program or school before applying for an LCSW license. Find all schools offering social work degree programs in Indiana.

Experience Requirements

LCSW applicants must complete 3,000 hours of full-time, supervised clinical work experience within two years. It’s not likely that the experience will be gained after earning your graduate degree. Still, after completing a doctoral internship where clinical social work was included, those hours can be applied to meet the requirement. You have to meet four hours monthly with an LCSW for supervision as you accrue your hours.

Application Process

Before being given the title of a licensed LCSW, you have to fill out and send the Application for Licensure as a Clinical Social Worker to the Board. Your supervisor has to complete one page to verify that you’ve met all the necessary requirements of a supervised experience. The official transcript of your MSW or DSW must be sent to the Board also with an application fee of $50. An additional $25 will grant you a temporary permit to use for 180 days.

Background Check

Once you receive notification that the Board is reviewing your application, you can fill out the Criminal Background Check form. You are responsible for paying to have your fingerprints taken and sent to the Board. The amounts will vary depending on the location you visit to have the process completed, so do some research before settling on a facility.

Examination Requirement

Now you only have to register for and pass the ASWB Clinical Exam, which has a $260 fee. After approving your application, the Board will inform you that you are eligible to register. The 170 multiple-choice questions test your knowledge of clinical social work. You’ll then be sent an email with a link to download your license card. If you fail the test and are practicing under a temporary license, you will have to stop until you receive a passing grade.