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March 6, 2022

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Updated: September 6th, 2022

Scholarship Mission

As a personal injury law firm, we work tirelessly to ensure that those who have experienced wrongdoing receive the compensation they deserve so that they may get back to living a wholesome life. After an accident, an injured person will face many new challenges. Facing these new challenges can be overwhelming, and we hate to see our clients experience stigma on top of it. For these reasons, we have created the Breaking the Stigma Scholarship. For the scholarship, we ask that students write about ways in which we, as a society, can better work to break stigmas surrounding different disabilities.

Qualification Requirements

•A 700-1,000 word essay response to the prompt: How can society better work to break disability stigmas.
•A resumé that includes professional and academic experiences, as well as up-to-date contact information
•An official school transcript. First-year college students, graduate students, or individuals who have recently transferred schools may submit an unofficial transcript from their current school, as well as the most recent official transcript from their prior school. High school students must submit proof of acceptance to a college or university.
•Agree to the terms and conditions of the 2022 Breaking the Stigma Scholarship

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Amicus Legal Group
800 N Haven Ave #205 Ontario, CA 91764

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